Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First day of school 2011

Well I know that I have been really bad at keeping my blog updated. Sorry facebook is so much easier for me. But I thought with all the kids in school today and me not working, I would update. Not sure if that means I will be any better or not. LOL

Well here is Cason first day of 2nd grade school picture.
Cael first day of 2nd grade picture.

Cara is in middle school. 1st day of 6th grade!

Courtney is now in 8th grade!

Austin is now a 10th grader!

Cant believe how old my kids are getting! :( It is really quiet in my house. But I have a lot of cleaning to do and there is always the first day of school cookies that need to be made. Yummy! Here is to a great new school year. And fyi Brent wouldnt let me take a first day of school picture of him. LOL

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