Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First day of school 2011

Well I know that I have been really bad at keeping my blog updated. Sorry facebook is so much easier for me. But I thought with all the kids in school today and me not working, I would update. Not sure if that means I will be any better or not. LOL

Well here is Cason first day of 2nd grade school picture.
Cael first day of 2nd grade picture.

Cara is in middle school. 1st day of 6th grade!

Courtney is now in 8th grade!

Austin is now a 10th grader!

Cant believe how old my kids are getting! :( It is really quiet in my house. But I have a lot of cleaning to do and there is always the first day of school cookies that need to be made. Yummy! Here is to a great new school year. And fyi Brent wouldnt let me take a first day of school picture of him. LOL

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday x 2

First of all I feel bad that it has been such a long time sense I have been on my blog. Second I had a couple of other pictures to post of the twins but my blog is not really working with me right now. So I tap out(Like the wrestling term?LOL)!
Anyways, Happy Birthday Cael and Cason. I just have really loved having these two kiddos in our home. They can be really loud at times, yet very loving. I tried to make them a big cupcake for their birthday tonight and it stuck in the pan so these are the sad little cakes they got instead. Cason was so understanding. He said " Thanks mom I love you". Made me feel a little better.
Ted Jolley stopped by right as we were getting ready to sing to them. Which Ted was with us when they were born so nice to have him here tonight. They always get so embarrassed. To cute!

Also love it when we get the right presents for them. Just look at those faces.

Happy Birthday Cael and Cason!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Adams County Fair and Cara's Soccer Tournament

Another fair down. We finished up Adams County fair just over a week ago.
The kids did great.
Courtney's market rabbit took Grand Champion!
We had some really great rabbits this year. Here she is with her belt buckle.

As far as Austin I couldnt be more proud of this kid. He has really stept it up when it comes to showing his pig. This is the second fair in a row that the judge really talked him up. He took reserve Grand Champion in fitting and show. Notice that he even showed with a broken arm.
Way to go Magoo!!!
Cara also did really well in showing. She got out there and really worked it. The smile she has really sets her apart. So many comments were made about how well she was doing. She had a call back. I think she was in the top three. (Should of took reserved. ;) )
Cael and Cason werent at the fair much. We kept them in school. So I they came and spent the weekend with us at the fair. Cael had me take this picture of him at the petting zoo. Poor kid got really sick on Saturday. So this was all the fun he really had at Adams County fair.

This is what Cael missed out on. Poor kid. He cried when he saw these pictures. The kids really loved this. Must of felt like being a hamster. This is Cara taking her turn.
And Cason
Now onto Soccer. This past weekend the Fireballs were in a soccer tournament in Moses Lake. They played really hard. They only had one sub. So very well done girls.
They were able to take 3rd!
Way to go team!
Cara with her medal!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dance, Fair and 1st Day of School 2010

So first of all I should say a little something about Cara's first duet dance competition she has every done. She did the dance with another girl named McKenzie. They really practiced hard for this. They did a jazz number to "Like Whoa". It took place on July 31st and they did great. The two brought home a silver. Needless to say they were a little sad they didnt do better. They were up against many different styles and age groups. But arent they cute???
Now onto Grant County fair. The kids did amazing this year. Courtney showed first. Her Market rabbit took Grand Champion. So this is a picture of her and her trophy.
Courtney during fit and showing. She recieved a blue ribbon. I think she did very well.
Cara just looks so cute out there showing her pig. She has learned to use her smile. She did great. Cara came home with two blue ribbons.
Wow! Over the years this kid has gotten really good at showing a pig. I think he did better than he ever has. Austin also came home with two blue ribbons.
The twins didnt get to show this year but they got to play. They just love doing the tractor pull each year. Here is Cael taking his turn.

And of course Cason. He made it to the second round and only 1/2 inch away from the third round. He really likes this!
They also talked me into taking them to the "Cutest little show on Earth" play. They had the chance to be in it. Cael was a pirate, eye patch and all. Arrrrgh......
Cason really wanted to be the parrot! LOL! I thought he made a really cute one.

This is Cason on the look out.
Cael was the first gunman, so he got to shoot Captin Green Beard to get the map. LOL! He was all giggles.
On to the 1st Day of School 2010
I cant believe that my twins are in 1st grade. So here they are saying they are big boys.

Cara is to funny. That back pack is bigger than she is. Cara is in 5th grade this year. I think she will do great and love being one of the oldest in the school.
Courtney is starting 7th grade. Wow! How time flies! She is also the schools ASB secretary.
Now the one who takes the cake! Austin is in HIGH SCHOOL!!!! WHAT!!!! I cant believe we have one in High School. He is a good kid. I wish him luck.
Here's to a great school year.......

Monday, August 2, 2010

Foster Family

Well right after we came home from girls camp we noticed some kittens were left alone in our back yard. We watched for the stray momma cat to come back. We decided after a day or so that we needed to step in and help these little ones out. (Those that know me know that I am not a huge animal lover.) So we asked a couple of people we trusted what to do.
Ran to Wal Mart and bought milk replacer and a bottle. The next day we ran back to Wal Mart and bought more bottles. ;) One bottle wasnt enough for 5 little ones.
Anyways a couple of weeks later here they are. Proud to say they are finally off the bottle. They started eating the nipples and Brent decided that was it. If they wanted to eat that they would figure it out.

Here are Courtney and Cara's kittens, the twins.
Austin's kitten. She is a little bit of a go getter. Always the first to eat!

Here is Cael with his kitten. As much as we try to clean her up, she is always the dirty looking one.

Here is Cason with his kitten, aka the Runt. She was so cute! We are keeping them in a play yard in the back yard. She was so tiny she could sneek out. She would always come to visit us at the door. She had the cutest little cry. You couldnt help but love her. We really got attached to this one. Sad to say the day after this photo she got caught in the rain storm we had. Brent and I tried to help her out. Warm her up and feed her by a dropper. A couple of hours later she lost the will to fight. Cason was really heart broken. But we have four other little ones to play with. They older kids have really stepped up and told Cason they would share. It is just taking a little while to get used to only counting to four. All in all it has been a good learning experience.
Dont tell any one. ;) Even Brent and I have gotten into really caring for these guys. Never thought I would be doing what it takes to take care of new kittens.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

T-Ball 2010

Before it becomes long lost history I thought I should post about the twins and t-ball. This is the first year we have let them play sports. So they have wanted to do it all.
They loved t-ball but they thought the season was a little long. It was great to watch their growth. I love baseball so in turn loved watching them play.
We had great coaches this year. Thank Jeff and Lili!!! Thank you for also being back up parents when needed. With 5 kids and my church calling I wasnt able to go to all the games. So it was nice to keep it in the family. We are truely lucky!
This was Cason on third base.
LOL Love this picture. My kids arent short. ;) This is one of their classmates. But she is tall for his age.
I also love this action shot of Cael.

Cael loves to have his picture taken.

Here's to our first t-ball season! May we have many more games. Thank you to all that came and watched them play.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


This week we hit two huge mile stones. Tuesday Night Austin had his 8th grade graduation. Woo Hoo!!! We are so proud of him. Brent just told me that he also recieved student of the month!!!

Here is a picture with Grandma and Grandpa Cox.
Austin, Brent and Cindy

We have had the pleasure of having Eric hang around with our family this past week. He has been such a joy to have in our home. So Austin thought it would be great to take a picture with him. Eric- YOU ARE A GREAT KID AND WELCOME ANYTIME!
Then Wednesday the twins had a turn. This is kindergarten graduation 2010!
Cason, Mom and Cael

Cason, Mrs. Wiley and Cael
Two of the cutest kids in Kindergarten. Or at least mom thinks so. ;)
Cason and Cael- Congrats!!! We are proud of you.